Thursday, May 28, 2009

Computer Repair Tips

You only had experience with Windows operated computers, so this is what we referring to you. Computer repair specialists were always hard to find, and many times we had to try to figure out a solution to fix a computer which stopped working, because no specialist would come home, and to take a PC to the service company was extremely troublesome.
Computer Repair Tip 1: Defragment Often

The information on the hard disk is written in chunks called sectors. One application can spread across many such sectors, and if they are not next to each other, the head which reads the information on the hard disk has to make additional movements, thus increasing the reaction time of the computer, resulting in sluggish, slow launch of the respective application.

Computer Repair Tip 2: Clean Up Disk Errors

This is easy to do: on My Computer, select the drive you wish to clean up errors on, right-click on it, then select Properties. The first option from the second tab of the menu that opens is Check Disk. It won’t run, but you can schedule it to start next time when you’ll reboot your computer.

Computer Repair Tip 3: Remove Temporary Files

This is called the Disk Cleanup and you can find it in the same menu as in Computer Repair Tip no 2. It will free up some space on your hard drive, which is good, but the speed gain won’t be noticeable for human senses.

The only computer repair tip that worked perfectly each time, and offered me a fast system, at least for a couple of months was to reinstall Windows.

Adobe Reader 9.1

Adobe Reader software is the global standard for electronic document sharing. It is the only PDF file viewer that can open and interact with all PDF documents. Use Adobe Reader to view, search, digitally sign, verify, print, and collaborate on Adobe PDF files.

* View, print, and search PDF files, including PDF Portfolios and PDF maps
* Author, store, and share documents, and share your screen, using services
* Experience richer content and greater interactivity with native support for Adobe Flash technology
* Review documents using familiar commenting tools such as sticky notes, highlighting, lines, shapes, and stamps (When enabled by Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Pro Extended)
* Digitally sign PDF documents (When enabled by Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Pro Extended)

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Victorinox s.beat MP3 Digital Media Player

MP3 players are getting more and more pervasive in our everyday life and also in our not-so-everyday life.

Victorinox has outdone itself by merging the well known Swiss Army knife with a MP3 player.
The s.beat, comes in 1GB and 2GB flavors, with a 4GB version in the works. There's support for MP3, WMA and--yet more surprises--OGG Vorbis, a voice recorder and FM radio with six presets. Of course, with a Swiss Army knife, you also get a knife, a pair of scissors, a nail file and a screwdriver, not to forget a remote control.

What's more, there's also a flight version if you are planning to take this gadget on a
holiday. The knife body can be easily removed from the device to be separately stored.

This device is definitely on my cool gadget list that is worth at least a second look, if not immediate purchase!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Google Executive Combo Pen Set

Google Executive Combo Pen Set

set comprises a ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil made from
sustainable wood with a chrome clip.

The set is presented in a stylish
gift box made entirely from recycled card, making this the most eco
friendly gift set in the world.


Price : $9.05