Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tips To Create a Website

Creating your own website is alot useful for you in number of purpose, either you are sharing you experiences on a certain topic, create an online business, promting your community, or just making your online activity journal. Also if you make a website you can access your content from any pc connected to internet, plus you will able to share your ideas and experience in large numbers of people from over all the world.

The Best and easiest way to create your own website is to use Online Site Builder . These Webmaster tools often provide user friendly interface for adding web content like images, text, links etc. These Webmaster tools are designed on WYSIWIG web design platform, which means "What You See is What You Get" . Which means what interface you create is what your visiters will see.

If you want more options and functionality on your website, as well as your own dedicated web address, you'll need to create pages in HTML, register a web domain, and get a web hosting server to upload your pages to. Web domains can be registered at any number of registrars — is a popular one. Search for "hosting" or "cheap hosting" to find many thousands of available hosting companies. As a general rule of thumb, if you're paying more than about $10 US dollars (USD) per month for hosting for a low-traffic website, you're paying way too much. Many companies offer space for even less.

To create HTML, you need a Notepad or you can use WYSIWIG Webmaster tool. Html is an easy language to learn, you can learn basic HTML in less than an hour start create you own web pages.

After creating your web page, you must upload them to a server. Your host will provide you a Login ID and Password when you register with them. You can use this in an FTP Program to connect your computer with server, when connected to server upload the web pages you have created. Once your web page is uploaded it will be visible on world wide web with in few days the incoming links in your website will be indexed by search engines and your web page will begin to appear on search results.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

[HOW TO]Hide partitions without using any software

One method of protecting our files in our computer is by hiding a particular drive. In this way other users cannot access the drive thus making the files in it inaccessible. Here is an easy method on how you can hide a drive/disk partition in Windows without any use of software.

Just follow these simple instruction to hide a drive in Windows

Go to Run > type “diskpart

A window will appear on the screen, type ” list volume” and then press ENTER.

The list of hard drive partition and it’s detail will be shown.

We will then choose a particular hard drive to hide. Let say we want to hide drive “D”.
Type “select volume d

After selecting the hard drive, we can now hide it by typing “remove letter d

You could check it in your computer that drive “D” is already removed and hidden. If we want to bring back the hidden drive just go back to diskpart and instead of typing “remove letter D”, you must now type “assign letter D” and hit ENTER

Drive d will now be restored and will show on your computer.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Speed Up Pc Computer Using Windows Tweak | Ram Memory tweak

How to Speed up your PC by this simple Ram Memory tweak

Well this E Learning Tutorial or in other terms a Windows Tweak for the Techs. So… Faster Computer, first of all why a Faster Pc Performance?? Well its not a question of a Faster PC but this is more a question of when. If you’ve been running heavy Software Programs (maybe 3d video game, Photoshop, something like that) the RAM can get taken up quickly. Even when you close down these Computer Programs, Ram Memory can still be eaten-up.

You’ll notice this effect at the end of the day. When you first turn on your PC it’s running smoothly, by the end of the day slows down. Yes, you can get various Software Applications to solve this. May of which costs but when free things matters, here is how a simple Windows Tweak can work (in both XP and Vista)

Faster Computer

1. Open up Windows Notepad (I use Notepad++, review coming soon)

2. Type in MYSTRING=(80000000)

3. Save the file as MEMORY.VBE (or RAM.VBE if you like…just remember the .VBE)

4. Make sure you save the file to your DESKTOP.

5. Just double-click the newly created file on your desktop whenever your PC seems to slow down. It will give your RAM a much needed Boost.

Not that if you have less than Ram Memory 128mb (do you really? If so then Oh! wake up you need a Memory Upgrade. (Ram Upgrading will make your PC a lot faster) change the 80000000 to 160000000 and it should work the same.

RAM Defrag is nice Freeware Software utility that frees up your RAM however it clears of all the injected DLL’s and the Cache so the Computer may get more sluggish for a while a Defrag.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Digital Cameras | 12 Megapixel Olympus µ-7010 Digital Camera Review

digital cameras

This Digital Camera benefits from slimline design and very good photo quality.

The 12 Megapixel Olympus µ-7010 Digital Camera has 7xwide optical zoom, which makes it best for landscape photography and groups shots among its competing brands. And that's not it also includes face detection mode, which can focus on 16 faces at once.

This Digital camera is available silver, titanium grey and candy pink, this is a great starter camera.

Price: £249

digital cameras

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Bluetooth Dongles | Hidden Bluetooth Service in Windows Xp and Vista

Bluetooth Dongles

This Bluetooth trick is an old one but just publishing for people who still donot know.

Most of you people are searching for software for your bluetooth Dongles or Bluetooth devices over Internet. Don't worry there is a hidden blue tooth software in Windows XP and Vista.

Follow the below mentioned method for this Blue tooth trick.

1. Open the run command.
2. Now type 'fsquirt' without quotes. This will open a window with text Welcome to Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard.
3. Now just select whether you want to send or receive any file and you are done.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Digital Cameras | Nikon Coolpix L20 10 Megapixel Digital Camera

nikon cameras

Nikon Coolpix L20 10 megapixel digital camera with 3.6 Optical Zoom and 3 inch LCD (Deep Red) The Coolpix L20 is a great camera for beginners just getting started in digital photography. Easy to use and fully featured the Coolpix L20 will delight it's users with great pictures, fun features and a huge 3.0-inch display at a surprisingly affordable price.


10 megapixel resolution for photo-quality prints up to 16 x 20 inches
3.6x optical Zoom-Nikkor glass lens
3.0-inch high-resolution LCD screen
Nikon's Smart Portrait System; Red-eye Fix, Face Priority AE and more
Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)