Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Digital Cameras | 12 Megapixel Olympus µ-7010 Digital Camera Review

digital cameras

This Digital Camera benefits from slimline design and very good photo quality.

The 12 Megapixel Olympus µ-7010 Digital Camera has 7xwide optical zoom, which makes it best for landscape photography and groups shots among its competing brands. And that's not it also includes face detection mode, which can focus on 16 faces at once.

This Digital camera is available silver, titanium grey and candy pink, this is a great starter camera.

Price: £249

digital cameras

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  1. Certainly performance at ISO 400 and above is a let down – as are the rather cool, slightly washed out results delivered when shooting on the camera’s standard default settings. On the plus side the latest Mju is for the most part responsive and intuitive to use, and shouldn’t tax its target audience.