Friday, September 25, 2009

[HOW TO]Hide partitions without using any software

One method of protecting our files in our computer is by hiding a particular drive. In this way other users cannot access the drive thus making the files in it inaccessible. Here is an easy method on how you can hide a drive/disk partition in Windows without any use of software.

Just follow these simple instruction to hide a drive in Windows

Go to Run > type “diskpart

A window will appear on the screen, type ” list volume” and then press ENTER.

The list of hard drive partition and it’s detail will be shown.

We will then choose a particular hard drive to hide. Let say we want to hide drive “D”.
Type “select volume d

After selecting the hard drive, we can now hide it by typing “remove letter d

You could check it in your computer that drive “D” is already removed and hidden. If we want to bring back the hidden drive just go back to diskpart and instead of typing “remove letter D”, you must now type “assign letter D” and hit ENTER

Drive d will now be restored and will show on your computer.

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  1. this way u will loose everything on drive d...
    it will completely remove the drive d and it's data...

  2. Hi, nice post thnz alot and for the anonymous guy I bet you havent tried this trick. I first hide my DVD Drive for test then unhide it. Then Tried my E drive which has all my music stuff consists of 40 GB. I hide my drive and it said to restart pc. when I restarted my pc drive E was not there and when I unhide the drive E it did it with out restarting my pc. THnz again

  3. good for me n my data didnt wipe out on that drive every thing was ok

  4. "DiskPart cannot reassign the drive letter on a system,boot or pagefile volume". This is the message what i have got. Please tell me a suggestion. I am in a critical position losing my data in C drive. (Note: Windows is in my D Drive)

  5. @ Anonymous

    Bro when u list volume
    after that you a screen which has Volume ###
    you can select the volume by its number after that same procedure as above if still nothing happens then plz write in detail